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SEC10: Coming Down - Coming Down

$5.50 / On Sale

Rochester NY’s Coming Down return with their new powerful and energetic EP!

Six new songs that could be straight out of the Revolution Summer itself, with the bands own fresh take on what DC’s finest had to offer before them.
After a very impressive demo in late 2014, and an extensive list of shows, these new songs are a breath of fresh air in the ever staling world of hardcore punk.

Incredibly catchy riffs that will stay caught in your head for days, with well crafted and thoughtful lyrics that Ian and Guy would be proud of are only the tip of the iceberg here.

FFO: Swiz, Dag Nasty, Give and Embrace.

Limited to 100 copies on pro-dubbed light blue shelled cassettes, we are very excited to bring this new EP to the masses.

All tapes will ship within 3-5 days after order is placed.

Listen to the first single, "I Am Here" - https://soundcloud.com/jared-johnson-895781756/coming-down-i-am-here

This is SEC10.