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SEC11: Lowfaith - “On Loss” CS

$5.50 / On Sale

“On Loss” is the brand new full length from Denver’s Lowfaith, and we at Sore Ear Collective couldn’t be happier to announce that we are releasing it.

Lowfaith bring the perfect mix of somber post-punk and lush, catchy dream pop to the table with this new record, mixed & mastered by Corey Coffman of Gleemer. After a very impressive debut EP in 2016, “On Loss” is your new nine song obsession.

Limited to 100 pro-dubbed copies on clear cassettes with a blue tint.

Listen to the single “Frail Pose” here: https://m.soundcloud.com/user-707133/frail-pose/s-IVkby

FFO: Chain Of Flowers, Iceage, and LOWER.

NOTE: All orders ship within 3-5 days of being placed.

This is SEC11.